Ombre versus Balayage: What’s the Difference?

Seems like everyone is talking about ombre and balayage nowadays - I run into it on fb and instagram, in magazines, and on youtube/tv. But what's the difference. In a nutshell, ombre is a style and balayage is a technique. Both come from French words - ombre means shade or shadow and balayage means to [...]

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Sorry, You’re Not a Mermaid

Mermaids are magical - their hair always looks amazing even though they can't escape the salt or use shampoo/conditioner. Unfortunately for you, swimming can damage your hair...because, well,  you're not a mermaid. You have to keep track of how salt from the ocean or chlorine from the pool can affect you hair's health. The 3 [...]

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Hair Product Must-Haves On Vacation

Right, so you're off on your vacation! I'm sure you already have a checklist of your toiletries, but there may be a few things in the hair-care department you might want to jot down if you have serious hair goals.   Traveling will take you to hot and humid, to cold and wet, and even [...]

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Summer Hair Rescue

I'm all for looking after and maintaining healthy hair, but this summer heat can make it nearly impossible. Not only do the UV rays from the sun damage your hair, but the pure heat against your head makes your hair lose moisture, and quickly. Here are some tips that I use to keep my hair [...]

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Welcome to Hair Stretch

Hi All! My name is Ally, and I own/operate Hair Stretch in Tarzana, CA. I plan on using this blog to share ideas with clients and visitors. To this end, I thought that I’d open up with a little bit about myself. Originally from Toronto, Canada, I moved to California in 2005. While I studied [...]

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